3D 2N - Mt Kinabalu Summit Climb + Mt Torq Via Ferrata

Mt Kinabalu summit
Mt Kinabalu sunrise
Mt Kinabalu trail
Mt Kinabalu Via Feratta
Mt Kinabalu Via Feratta

3D 2N - Mt Kinabalu Summit Climb + Mt Torq Via Ferrata

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This 3-day adventure will give climbers a chance at an adventure of a lifetime - scaling the heights and the face of the mighty Mt Kinabalu on the world's highest Via Ferrata (Italian for 'Iron Way / Road) 3,776 metres above sea-level.

It will also give climbers ample time to not only enjoy the surrounding area of Kinabalu National Park but to also acclimatize to the altitude and get some much needed rest before ascending the mountain

The majestic peaks of Mt. Kinabalu rising 4,095 metres above sea-level are a marvel to behold from the valley floor and the feeling is absolutely euphoric upon reaching it's summit. The hike starts from Timpohon Gate (1,866 metres above sea-level) and takes approximately 4-6 hours to Laban Rata Basecamp with the final hike to the summit starting at 2:00 am the next day (and if you're on time you'll be there just before sunrise).

The adventure continues after sunrise; climbers don their specialized Mountain Torq gear to traverse the face of the mountain armed only with ropes and their wits. Suitable for both first-timers and professionals alike, climbers have the option of choosing the 'Walk the Torq' route or the much longer, much higher 'Low's Peak Circuit' route.

Climbers are assigned to a group of up to 3, each group with it's very own friendly, very highly trained Mountain Torq Trainer. Depending on the route and the composition of the group, climbers will take anywhere between 2-5 hours to make it back to Laban Rata Basecamp using the Via Ferrata. Make sure your GoPros and cameras are charged and ready - this is one view you're NOT going to want to miss! 

Day #1 - Kota Kinabalu - Nabalu Market - Kinabalu Park Meals included: Dinner

Start your adventure with a scenic drive along the mountain roads of the Crocker Range, passing by quaint country villages and paddy fields to Kinabalu Park. The drive takes about 2 hours and along the way we'll make a brief stop at Nabalu Market. The market is a place where natives gather to sell local produce; fruits, home grown vegetables and handicraft. It is also the perfect spot to snap a picture of the majestic peaks of Mt. Kinabalu as it towers above the valley floor. Keep your fingers crossed for a clear, blue, cloudless sky.

A quick car swap at Kinabalu Park and its then off to Poring Hot Springs which is approximately 45 minutes away from Kinabalu Park. After a quick check-in you can opt to go on the Canopy Walk or soak yourself in the natural, mineral-rich hot-water pools.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kindly take note that all additional activities are at guests' own expense and, if you miss the transfer from Kinabalu Park to Poring Hot Springs, you may have to find your own way there. Transfer services are provided by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges and departure times from Kinabalu Park are fixed at 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm.

Day #2 - Kinabalu Park - Ascend Mt. Kinabalu - Laban Rata (Basecamp) Meals included: Lunch, Dinner

Munch down on a quick breakfast at Poring Restaurant and depart for Kinabalu Park Headquarters for your hike up the mountain.

The registration process is quite simple; identify yourself, sign-in then meet your assigned mountain guide and collect your ID tag. Once that's all done with, you'll be transferred to Timpohon Gate (the starting point) where your quest to conquer the summit of Southeast Asia's highest mountain begins. The climb takes approximately 4-5 hours and you should aim to be up at Laban Rata Basecamp (approximately 3,272 metres above sea level) by about 2:00 pm.

On your way up the mountain you'll pass through different zones each with it's own unique type of vegetation and wildlife. The higher you go the sparser the vegetation ... and the clearer the view of the countryside surrounding Mt. Kinabalu - an Instagramers dream come true!

On arrival at basecamp make a beeline and check-in at Pendant Hut (the usual accommodation for climbers participating in the Via Ferrata) and sit down for the mandatory briefing by your Mountain Torq trainer at 3:30 pm. Once the briefing is done head on over to the restaurant (one and only) for a hot buffet meal. The rest of your evening should be spent prepping your gear and getting some rest before the next day's (very) early morning climb.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important that we leave Kota Kinabalu at 6:00 am to ensure that you start your climb on time. Climbers must attend a mandatory briefing by the Mountain Torq team at 3:15 pm otherwise you will NOT be allowed to participate in the Via Ferata program. Dormitories at Laban Rata Basecamp are non-heated and hot water showers are not always available. Ensure that you wear your ID tags at all times - failure to do so may result in park rangers refusing to allow you to make the trip to the summit. Also ensure that you bring along your personal identification documents and, if you're using your passport, ensure that it is current and valid.

Day #3 - Low's Peak - Via Ferrata - Descend Mt. Kinabalu - Kota Kinabalu Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

This is it people! You're only a few hours away from reaching the peak. Your final leg up mighty Kinabalu begins at 2:00 am after an early supper.

The journey up to Low's peak (the highest point on the mountain at approximately 4,095 metres) will test your fitness and determination. Depending on your speed you might be able to make it just in time to catch a glorious sunrise over the majestic Mt. Kinabalu (weather permitting of course).

At 6:00 am you begin your descent back to meet up with your Mountain Torq Trainer (your trainer will brief you on meeting times and location depending on your chosen route). Gear up and start your walk across the face of might Mt Kinabalu making your way slowly but surely back to Pendant Hut at basecamp.

After a late breakfast, check out and make your way back down to Timpohon Gate for your transfer back to Kinabalu Park Headquarters. Depending on what time you reach, you might have time for a quick buffet lunch at the Balsam Restaurant before making your way back to the city (another 2 hours) and the comfort of your hotel. Your guide will collect your Certificates of Achievement and pass it to you before you make your way back to civilization.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that an additional charge of MYR 15.00 per hour is payable to your Mountain Guide if you fail to reach Timpohon Gate by 4:00 pm (park regulations). Any additional expenses incurred are at your own expense. We suggest bringing along some spare cash for any such eventualities.

Climbing Mt. Kinabalu is literally a 'walk in the park' as the trail is clear and well-trodden. Nevertheless weather on the mountain can vary between extremes the higher you climb and exhaustion could get the better of you. It is also absolutely essential that you plan your flights accordingly and that you ensure that you have purchased travel insurance.

  1. Things your should prepare when climbing Mt. Kinabalu
  2. Things you should know about Mountain Guides
  3. Things you should know about conditions at Laban Rata (basecamp)
  4. Things you should know BEFORE making travel arrangements

  Things your should prepare when climbing Mt. Kinabalu

  • Waterproof backpack to store your items
  • Trekking or running shoes with good grip (preferably water-resistant)
  • Warm clothing  and proper hiking pants
  • Waterproof jacket (or a wind breaker and poncho)
  • Extra clothing and socks
  • Small towel
  • Hand gloves and winter hat (or beanie)
  • Head torch
  • Personal toiletries
  • Refillable water bottle (0.5 - 1 liter)
  • High energy food such as chocolates, nuts, biscuits, sweets and energy bars
  • Medication (e.g. painkillers or altitude sickness tablets)
  • Tissue paper / toilet roll
  • Sun block and lip gloss
  • Insect repellent
  • Plastic bags (for disposing of waste once you get back to Kinabalu Park HQ)

    Please note that excess luggage can be stored at Kinabalu Park HQ at a nominal fee of MYR 10 - 12 per piece prior to the climb.

Things you should know about Mountain Guides

Climbers are required to engage the services of trained Mountain Guides who are well versed in the peculiarities of climbing Mt. Kinabalu. Regulations are updated on a regular basis to ensure the continued safety of climbers and the preservation of the park.

  • One Mountain Guide is allowed to take a maximum of five (5) climbers aged 16 years and above
  • One Mountain Guide is allowed to take a maximum of two (2) climbers aged 15 years and below
  • Additional Mountain Guides can be hired for MYR 230.00 per guide (payable directly to park authorities upon arrival at Kinabalu Park HQ)
  • Climbers (on their return journey) who reach Timpohon Gate (starting point) after 4:00 pm are required to pay each Mountain Guide a fee of MYR 15.00 per guide per hour (payable in cash directly to the Mountain Guides themselves)
  • Porter services are also available for a fee 

Things you should know about conditions at Laban Rata (basecamp)

  • Water at Laban Rata is not treated. Bottled water is available for sale at the shop in Laban Rata
  • Check-in time at Laban Rata is 1:00 pm
  • Check-out time at Laban Rata is 10:30 am
  • An additional charge of MYR 100.00 per hour will be imposed for any check-out later than 10:30 am

Things you should know BEFORE making travel arrangements

  • We highly recommend that you DO NOT book your departing flights on the same day you descend from Mt. Kinabalu.
  • Kinabalu Park is approximately 2 hours away from the city (Kota Kinabalu) and there is a high risk / possibility that you will miss your flights due to unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather, injury, traffic congestion, etc.
  • We highly recommend that you spend an additional night in the city after your climb before catching your flight to your next destination on the following day

What's Included

  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary
  • 2 nights’ accommodation (configuration based on rate package)
  • Entrance fee
  • Return transfer to your hotel in Kota Kinabalu
  • Return transfer (Park HQ - Timpohon Gate - Park HQ)
  • Mountain guide
  • Mountain Torq Trainer
  • Climbing insurance
  • Climbing Permit
  • Certificates of achievement

What's NOT Included

No exclusions specified.

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