Adventure on the Mighty Kinabatangan

The Kinabatangan river is the second longest river in Malaysia meandering it's way 560 km through the Borneo rainforest to the Sulu Sea from its headwaters in the mountains of Southwest Sabah.

It's oxbow lakes and salty mangrove swamps contain some of Borneo's highest concentration of wildlife providing sanctuary for a population of saltwater crocodiles to species indigenous to Borneo such as the Proboscis monkey, Bornean Orangutan and the elusive Asian pygmy elephant.

Another attraction is the Gomantong Caves the largest cave system in Sabah and made famous for it's edible bird's nest. The limestone cave eco-system itself is fascinating; dominated by a large population of bats, it is also home to insects and wildlife of all sorts from the long-legged cave centipedes (top of the insect food chain), to snakes, monkeys and bat hawks that prey specifically on the cave bats as they embark on their nightly foray from the cave.

Sukau is the main starting point for tourists wanting to visit the area and is accessible by road with various eco-lodges offering comfortable accommodation along the river banks. It is approximately 2-3 hours by road from Sandakan town (where tourists normally fly in via one of the local carriers from Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak).

Tour Packages

3D 2N - Sukau Wildlife Adventure

From MYR 1,362.00 per person

See the best of Borneo's wildlife all in one trip from Orang Utans and Proboscis Monkeys to the elusive Borneo Pygmy Elephant all from the comfort of your boat.


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