The Highs and Lows of Beautiful Sabah By Erik Wang

The Highs and Lows of Beautiful Sabah

17 February 2018
By Erik Wang

Follow Erik on his journey to explore the wilderness of Malaysia starting out with the lowlands and the mighty Kinabatangan river to an amazing sunrise above the clouds from the summit of Mt. Kinabalu.

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Going Over the Edge By Yen

Going Over the Edge

1 March 2018
By Yen

Ever wondered what it would be like to dangle precariously off the face of a mountain 3,800 meters high? Take a read of Yen's amazing trek across the face of Southeast Asia's highest peak, the majestic Mt. Kinabalu.

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Penang ala Big Blue Style By Carman Chan

Penang ala Big Blue Style

2 March 2019
By Carman Chan

Join Carman as she re-visits Penang (Big Blue style) and rediscovers the charm and heritage of the Pearl of the Orient

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